Developed in partnership with RATP Dev (RATP Group)

“Passengers only need to place their finger inside the cavity to register their stop request. The device emits a brief sound and turns from green to red to acknowledge that the request has been recorded” explains RATP. In fact, the passenger just has to push air!


That prevents passengers to touch a highly-touched button, and therefore, limits the risk of spreading germs and viruses, like the Covid-related ones. “Just another step in the right direction”, for RATP.


Already 8 bus networks have been equipped, representing about 500 Holostop® installed.

Capitalizing on the success of the Holostop®, Conduent, the worldwide leader in transportation solutions, takes over its development.

Flexible enough to meet your needs

The shape of the Holostop® can be customized to fit your needs, with a design that can be basic a lower price point up to a model, designed by the renowned sculptor, Richard Orlinski, our preferred partner.


We can adapt to various bar diameters, and take care of the installation, too.