The Holostop® contactless stop request button features a stylish design. Installed on buses in several French cities, these holographic buttons enhance the passenger experience and meet the specific constraints of public transport. Thanks to their contactless and holographic technology, they offer users a safe and reassuring journey on public transport. 

Holographic technology enriches the travel experience


Choose the color of your Holostop® from our range of colors

holographic buttons

Drill 2 holes in the bar to secure the Holostop® to it

holographic buttons

Screw on and benefit from innovative, differentiating holographic technology

Fast, easy installation with state-of-the-art technology.

Passengers wishing to request a bus stop at the next stop need only hold their finger close to the virtual button.

This image " floating in the air " is simply the representation of the mechanical "STOP" button. On contact with the user's finger, the device emits a beep and a luminous feedback to inform that the action has been taken into account.

By eliminating contact surfaces, Holostop® eliminates the risk of infection and the need for decontamination through regular cleaning.