Touch the untouchable!

MZ Technologie is the acclaimed specialist in the field of contactless,
for its simplicity and how natural the “touch” for the user is.


The first product launched by MZ Technologie to control an elevator, using in hologram to avoid any contact with traditional elevator buttons, vector of spread of germs and viruses par excellence.

Native solution or retrofit for existing elevators. 2 versions: easy installation of a box to the elevator wall or fully integrated into it, in addition to the call button on each floor.


Developed with our partner RATP Dev (a subsidiary of the RATP Group), it eliminates the need to touch the stop request button on buses, thanks to a patented holographic technology.

With our new partner, Conduent, world leader in the field, we aim at offering the solution to the rest of the world.

Touchless touchscreens!

MZ Technologie is again innovating by taking the lead in contactless display solutions with unrivalled proprietary technology, in terms of efficiency and customer interface.

Like all current MZ Technologie solutions, this solution is available on new equipment or can be retrofitted on your existing screens.

Check-in kiosk in hospitals

In hospitals, where sick people circulate, the kiosk in public use are particularly subject to germ and virus spreading.

Vending machines and ATM’s

Given their high usage, both vending machines and ATM's are particularly prone to germ and virus spreading.

Self-serve kiosks in train/bus stations and airports

Like vending machines, crowds in train/bus stations and airports promote the transmission of germs and viruses on all touchscreens.

Fast food kiosks or supermarket self-checkout kiosks

These increasingly common terminals are gradually replacing agents, and in fact become a point of concentration of germs and viruses on all touchscreens.

Product use cases

Limitless Product Use cases

In order to break the chains of virus transmission, we must adhere to basic rules after touching any type of public equipment. The product use cases are almost endless, and only the most common ideas are presented hereafter.


Services offered


To support our customers who wish to do so and to respond as quickly as possible and in their best interests, we can have the product installed by our qualified technicians.
MZ Technologie may also intervene, directly or through approved contractors for maintenance purposes.


MZ Technologie guarantees its products, and provides its customers with a maintenance service, that can either be preventive, with regular visits (periodicity according to traffic / use), or curative (in case of vandalism, or even malfunctions, if necessary).


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The Team

About us

How it all started

MZ Technologie is a French company specialized in new technologies, with a focus on holograms. Created by two brothers, Marc and J. Zerad, one, a serial entrepreneur and the other one, a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering, they have since surrounded themselves by seasoned shareholders and executives, passionate about technology, in order to speed up their development, in France and abroad.

After a College Degree in Electricity, Marc has led various projects in electrical induction, before becoming Global Head of Sales of an innovative company manufacturing fibers in Ivory Coast, leading him to sell in the US, in Northwest Africa and in the Middle East. He then started his serial-entrepreneur streak by creating and acquiring multiple companies in Real Estate development and electricity, with staff of 50 to 100, before eventually creating MZ Technologie in 2020, to address the urgent and critical needs of touchless technologies…


CEO & Co-Founder

After a 26-year career in Investment Banking, around the world, Laurent has dedicated his time, from 2015, to invest in innovative startup companies, or even manage them, in Asia, in Europe and in the US (CA). Meeting with MZ Technologie in April 2021 has led him to invest a significant amount in the capital of the company and he has accepted an offer to take a now full-time Executive role in the Company, to contribute to changing the world. Laurent is based in the US on the East Coast and he graduated from the University Lumière Lyon-II (France) with a MBA in Finance.

Laurent CUNIN

Deputy-CEO & Head of the Americas

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François worked for 25 years on Wall Street, at French Bank Société Générale. He was at the start and developed the equity derivatives and arbitrage businesses (1992-2002). He then took charge of the equities and equity derivatives division (2003-2008) and finally of all the Markets activities (Global Markets) for the Americas (2009-2017). Over the past 6 years, François has worked on numerous real estate projects in the United States, and with startups in several countries. He invested and joined MZ Technologie to help its global management and more particularly its development in the Americas. François is married and father of 4 children. He is an engineer by training, graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1990.


Business Development Executive Director

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Head of Installation & Maintenance Unit

Fan of technology, Martin likes to take apart everything he gets his hands on, just to understand how it works. Following an engineering degree in electronics he worked as software developer in France and Switzerland before coming back to electronic, his true passion. After 5 years working on various projects in lighting, industrial sensors and wireless networks as a freelance developer, he finally joined MZ Technologie in 2020. He brings with him is technical expertise and an attention to details that he puts at the heart of the development of our products.

Martin JOLY

The Nerd!


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